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The Graveyard Book Graphic Novel Volumes 1 and 2

A murderer is afoot, calmly approaching his final prey– only to find the baby gone. The baby has taken a stroll and found his way to a cemetery. Unbeknownst to him, his newly dead mother asks the inhabitants of the graveyard to care for and protect him. This they do for many years until Bod grows up some and begins to enter the “normal” world. His reappearance brings back that threat, that murderer from years ago. And he must face the man that took his family from him.

Port Chicago 50

1944. World War II is in full swing and segregation is a “way of life” for America. Segregation that is mirrored in the US military. At Port Chicago a naval base on San Francisco Bay, the officers are white and the young sailors are black. These young sailors, many teenaged, loaded bombs and ammunition onto ships. Loaded bombs without any training on proper handling and being pushed to do more even faster, until disaster strikes and more than 300 are killed by a horrendous explosion. The survivors are ordered to a new base to continue in the same work. Fifty refuse and are charged with mutiny. This is their story.

El Deafo

When Cece was a little girl, she contracted meningitis. Although she recovered her health, she lost her hearing. Cece must learn how to function in the world without her hearing. After receiving a hearing aid and attending a school where she learns the basics of lip reading, Cece's family moves to a smaller town. As she starts a new school with the Phonic Ear strapped on, she worries that the other kids will not want to be her friend because she is different. In her mind she creates El Deafo, her alter ego, who helps her to manage the new waters of the world where she could no longer hear. All Cece really wants is a friend who treats her like any other kid. When she meets Martha, they become the best of friends. a new boy moves into the neighborhood and Cece is smitten. Everything is going well until an accident makes Martha afraid for Cece. Cece wants nothing more than to get Martha back as her trusty side-kick and the new boy (AKA Supercrush) as a close friend as well. Can El Deafo give her the strength to overcome her own fears?

Skullduggery Pleasant

At her uncle’s funeral Stephanie notices an odd character. He shows up again at the reading of the will where Stephanie is given the majority of her uncle’s worldly possessions. When she stays at her “new” house, weird things begin to happen. She is attacked and this strange man—living skeleton, Skulduggery Pleasant—comes to her rescue. She teams up with Skulduggery to find out what really killed her uncle and to save the world along the way.

I am Pusheen the Cat

Pusheen is an internet sensation and here is a book to teach you a little more about this adorable feline. Learn Pusheen's habits, likes, dislikes, and dreams. Follow Pusheen through a year. Meet her little sister, Stormy. Let Pusheen into your heart and you will find a yourself smiling a little bit more. 

Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

In a land far away, where imaginary friends come from...Beekle (who isn't Beekle yet) is born. As other imaginary friends are imagined by a child and move away, he awaits his turn. But it doesn't come, so he sets out to find his child. He travels to the real world where he finds his destiny, his friend, and his name.

Finding Winnie by Lindsay Mattick

Have you ever wondered where A.A Milne got his idea for that oh so famous bear, Winnie-the-Pooh? This is the true story that inspired the creation of the "tubby, little cubby all stuffed with fluff." Meet the real Winnie and you will love her just as much.

Switch by Ingrid Law

The story began in Ingrid Law's Savvy and continued in Scumble..moves forward in Switch! Join the Beaumonts on their next savvy induced adventure!

What a rush--meeting Ingrid Law! She was so very gracious!

The Little Prince Graphic Novel

The classic story retold in graphic novel format. Share this beautiful classic with your child!

Because of Mr. Terupt

Seven very different fifth grade students are brought together by their new teacher. He really seems to get them and is changing their lives. Until an unfortunate accident places him in a coma and leaves the kids wondering if he will recover. An amazing story of the power a teacher can have in the lives of students. 

Currents by Jane Petrilik Smolik

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek

We've all seen those old, oh wait sorry, not old...hem-hem...vintage books and pamphlets giving advice on how to improve ourselves. Seen them, flipped through them and laughed at how outdated some of the ideas were. But what if those ideas weren't so far-fetched? What if you decided to try them out--without telling anybody--just to see what might happen?

Maya Van Wagenen does just that and records all the trials--can you say girdle?--and triumphs in this thought-provoking memoir of her eighth grade year. Her bravery and moxie take you along on a journey of laughter and tears. She shows what it truly takes to be popular. Powerful, pure-hearted, real.

The Crossover

Not only is Josh Bell a superstar on the basketball court, but he is also blessed with a brilliant, poetic gift. Through his rhythmic lines, his life unfolds: his twin brother, his cool dad, and his strict mother form a tight loving family and basketball is a driving force in their life. As the boys’ basketball team strives for championship, changes happen on the court and off. Basketball is the medium, love is the story. 

Little Robot

A little girl finds a lost robot and accidentally activates him. as she shows him the world, their friendship grows, but it is threatened by finder-bots set on bringing little robot back to his "duty." Loyalty and friendship prove to be no match for fear. 

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